May 21, 2010

Enfim, Buffet

E pra matar a curiosidade um pouquinho, segue a nossa lista do Buffet Awesome Asia, deixando claro que o nome saiu de um momento em que cansados, doloridos e fedidos a pato defumado, um dos meninos gritou "We are awesome. Yes! Awesome Asia", e o nome grudou. Modeeeesto... não?

1. Grapefruit Salad with Thai Caramel
2. Fish Cake with Sweet Chilli Dip
3. Steamed Cod with Nam-Jim Sauce
4. Sushi Rice Risotto with Shitake and Shimeji Mushrooms
5. Curry Pan
6. Pork belly buns with Carrot and Daikon Pickles and Scallion
7. Mushu of Tea Smoked Duck
8. Soba Salad with Pulled Duck Confit, Pickled Cucumbers and Omelet
9. Chinese Sausage Salad with Rice Wine Vinaigrette
10. Shrimp Summer Roll with Satay Sauce
11. Duck Skin Salad with Hoisin and Yuzu Sauce
12. Pineapple rice
13. Bahn Mi: Vietnamese Sandwich with Chicken Liver Mousse, Ham, Pickled Carrots, Pickled Daikon and Cilantro
14. Pho Bo
15. Thai Curry Pot with Chicken
16. Salt and Pepper Shrimp
17. Crispy Marinated Quail
18. Chicken Liver Mousse
19. Tomato Sambal
20. Crispy Pig's Feet
21. Red Bean Ice Cream
22. Green Tea Cheesecake
23. Vietnamese Iced Coffee
24. Water Chesnut Noodles with Red Beans
25. Tapioca Coconut Sago
26. Bananas Foster Asian Style
27. Fortune Cookies

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Marilia said...

OK, vou fazer uma lista dos meus favoritos para repetir no Brasil!!